The Christmas ORCHESTRA is BACK!!          
Children’s Christmas Program and Sing Along.
After a three year break, the Holy Spirit Christmas Orchestra is back!

All Holy Spirit instrumentalists with at least 1 year of playing are invited to play on Christmas Eve at 4:45 before the 5 PM Christmas Eve service.

We will rehearse twice, both Sundays, at 11:30 ish (there are programs and rehearsals before then)- Please make at least one of these times!

Dec. 11 and Dec 18 at 11:30.

Music will be available in the narthex- please practice before the rehearsal.

Contact Nancy Fencl at or text 847-507-0878

Don't miss this year's Children's Christmas Program.

Join us in the Fellowship Hall after worship.

Sunday December 11 at 10:30 AM —

Children’s Christmas Program and Sing Along.

Fellowship Hall after worship.

The hanging of the Greens.

Our new tree was delivered on time! 

Thanks to those who added to the festive spirit by helping with Hanging of the Greens on Sunday, November 27.  Many thanks go to these individuals and families who contributed:  







 When you see our lovely new tree, please be proud that it’s because of your support that this was possible!

Mike and Terri Pedersen

The Pink Family

The Prosk Family 

Carolyn Raymond 

Sue and Ken Rosko 

Scott and Jan Schwanke 

Ron and Dorothy Stocks

Bill Vaananen

Tom and Eileen Weglarz

The Wyrwicz Family

Mary  Detjen

Trudy Bettiker

The Cantagallo Family

Diane Cloonan

Daaron and Amy Dohler

Carol Duprey 

Ruth Ann Grockis 

Eileen Hoffman

Joan Keyes

The Labellarte Family 

Louise Menter

Jackie Murphy & Larry Brady