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Children’s Ministry News  

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TUESDAY LYFE — 4:15-6:00 PM

All children in grades 2-6 can come for friendship, fun, lessons, activities, games, and participation in our Youth Choir on Tuesday afternoons from 4:15-6:00.  

Registration link:                                                        


Sunday School

All children in preschool through grade 6 can enjoy breakout lessons and activities immediately following the children’s message during our 9:30 services

Confirmation Young people in grades 7 and 8 participate in Confirmation classes. This is a special program designed to help youth grow in their knowledge of the Bible and the Christian faith (with special focus on our Lutheran traditions and identity.)  

For more information or to get connected please email the church office at

Sunday School

Sunday School is taught by creative, enthusiastic teachers who are invested in making learning a positive and rewarding experience. Sunday School is held during the 9:30 service, after the Children’s sermon.

Children ages three to six (Preschool - 1st grade) take part in engaging Bible-based lessons specially designed for their age and developmental levels. They attend Cherub Choir practice following their lesson.


Children in 2nd through 6th grade attend Bible-centered classes to help them grow in their knowledge of the Christian faith.

Lutheran Young Fellowship Experience

LYFE Lutheran Young Fellowship Experience is a high-energy, fun-filled, creative, and reflective formation session for children entering 2nd through 6th grade. Every week participants will have a blast singing, moving, praying, and making awesome art projects. This program is designed to allow children to develop Christian identity and peer relationships in a non-competitive positive religious setting.


The confirmation program also provides an opportunity for service and the experience of other types of ministries in the greater church. The individualized learning format allows for flexible class schedules with clearly defined expectations and goals for the young people in their growth toward becoming Confirmed members of Holy Spirit.


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