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60th Anniversary & Pentecost Sunday

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Flowers Given to the glory of God by the following people:

Jacki Murphy, in honor of the Brady Murphy Family.

Arnie and Nila Bilstad, in honor of granddaughters graduation.

Eileen and Tom Weglarz, in memory of Jim Gloudeman.

Amy and Daaron Dohler, in honor of our daughters Katelyn and Lora.

Jeanne & Barry Nelson, in memory of John, Louise, and Thomas Gombar, Leroy Nelson, and in honor of Sharon Nelson.

The Wyrwicz Family, in memory of Phyllis Defenderfer.

Wayne and Mary Giampietro, in honor of their 60th Wedding Anniversary.

Jennifer Prosk, in honor of  Sue McCoy.

The Eastmonds, in memory of our parents, Nicholas Pagotelis and Linda Eastmond.

The Davenport Family, in memory of our grandparents.

Trudy Bettiker to the glory of God.

Ron and Dorothy Stocks, in memory of Helen Schmidt, Dorothy's Sister.

Al and Janice Edwards, in memory of  Howard and Joan Kontje (former members and Neighbors).

Carol Raymond, in honor of Mark Raymond.

Gordon and Carol Duprey, in honor of our family.

Jerry Mason in memory of Marilyn Mason.

Terry and Michael Pedersen, in memory of our parents Marcella and Jerome Moore, and Margaret and Efraim Pedersen.

Sandy and Leo Ditewig, in gratitude for family.

Ruth Ann Grockis, in memory of Charles and Marcy Kengott.

Tim and Maria Linstrom, in memory of Marcene Linstrom and Carmen Hernandez.

The Eastmonds, in memory of our Parents Nicholas Pagotelis and Linda Eastmond.

Chris Miller, in loving memory of Joan Keyes.

Past Events

"Catch the Spirit" Dinner


Easter Breakfast Prep 


Easter Egg Hunt


Easter Flowers

Given to the glory of God by the following people:

Katie and Don Bally in memory of Dr and Mrs. Arnold Maahs and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bally

Trudy Bettiker To the memory of John Sciarrett

Scott and Jan Swanke In memory of their parents 

Gordon and Carol Duprey In memory of their parents

Maria and Pastor Tim In Memory of Robert and Marcene Linstorm and Roberto and Carmen Hernandez

Jacki Murphy In honor of the Murphy Family and the Brady Family

Janice and Al Edwards in memory of their parents

Eileen and Tom Weglarz in honor of Louise Menter

Sandy and Leo Ditewig in memory of Michael 

Bill and Judy Shambrook for our granddaughter Elizabeth Grace "Lily"

Carolyn Raymond in honor of Jane Wiberg

Joe and Pam Labellarte in memory of Anna Labellarte

Joanne Schwarz in honor of  Parents William and Margaret Tillman

David and Nancy Fencl in honor of our children Amanda, Luke, and Rory

Joleen Gleasman in honor of family

Chris Miller in memory of Jumm Miller and Stan Ernst

Mardi Gras Sunday

Children’s Christmas Program and Sing Along.
This year the Children's Program was another great success and a wonderful way to celebrate this Advent season

The Hanging of the Greens.

Our new tree was delivered on time! 

Thanks to those who added to the festive spirit by helping with Hanging of the Greens on Sunday, November 27.  Many thanks go to these individuals and families who contributed:  









When you see our lovely new tree, please be proud that it’s because of your support that this was possible!

Mike and Terri Pedersen

The Pink Family

The Prosk Family 

Carolyn Raymond 

Sue and Ken Rosko 

Scott and Jan Schwanke 

Ron and Dorothy Stocks

Bill Vaananen

Tom and Eileen Weglarz

The Wyrwicz Family

Mary  Detjen

Trudy Bettiker

The Cantagallo Family

Diane Cloonan

Daaron and Amy Dohler

Carol Duprey 

Ruth Ann Grockis 

Eileen Hoffman

Joan Keyes

The Labellarte Family 

Louise Menter

Jackie Murphy & Larry Brady

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