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Stewardship and Property

Lutheran Church of the Holy Spirit enjoys a wooded setting adjacent to the Ryerson Nature Preserve on the southern edge of Lincolnshire. It is not uncommon to see deer strolling past the sanctuary or narthex during Sunday services. See the Building Appeal videos below for a better idea of what God has built.

The Circle of Hope Columbarium and Garth is a beautiful and inspirational resting spot for the cremated remains of members of our church and their families. It proclaims honor and memory on its plaques. In an affirmation of life and joy, it occasionally serves as a backdrop for wedding photographs and other happy occasions.

The Circle of Hope Columbarium and Garth is registered as a religious cemetery with the State of Illinois. Three members of Holy Spirit Church serve as Trustees of the Columbarium and Garth, in consultation with the pastors and under supervision of the church council. We pray that the Circle of Hope will continue to bring peace to all those who visit.

Pictured Above

Our property has undergone several improvements over the years. What was once a small sanctuary and community space has blossomed into a true center for community gathering with its large multipurpose fellowship space and many classrooms and wonderful outdoor playground.

During 1967, a time capsule was sealed in a wall of Lutheran Church of the Holy Spirit. The copper box was found during construction of our last addition in 1993, put in a closet and forgotten. Found again, the capsule was opened to celebrate our 40th year, as we begin a new construction project. The time capsule was opening between services on January 19th, 2003 and later resealed with new contents and a letter to the future congregation at right.

2003 - Mission Possible

The Stewardship Team searches for clues and commitments.

Actors interact with the video presentation.

2004 - A "Super" Campaign

The team needs a hero. We meet

Stewardship Man, who makes a live appearance in the sanctuary.

2005 - The Church Council Intervenes

The fun must end! Past Presidents unite against the ELVIS campaign. (Evangelical Lutheran Vision in Stewardship.) Elvis makes a live appearance.

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